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Safety and Safeguarding Policy

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This is the safeguarding policy of Girlguiding.

Girlguiding’s policies and related statements provide a structure in which guiding can take place safely, consistently and in accordance with legislation. Policies must be followed by Girlguiding’s members and by recognised volunteers involved in delivering or supporting guiding. These policy statements are supported by further information and resources to ensure that our members put the policies into practice.


Policy statement

It is the policy of Girlguiding to make every effort to safeguard its members from physical, sexual and emotional harm while participating in guiding activities. The Guide Association takes all reasonable steps to ensure that, through relevant procedures and training, children, young people and adults taking part in guiding activities do so in a safe environment.


If you have any concerns about a young member or a volunteer, or if you require any safeguarding advice please contact Girlguiding's Safeguarding Officer: safeguarding@girlguiding.org.uk or 0207 834 6242

If you have an urgent safeguarding concern outside of office working hours (9-5 Mon-Fri) please call the Volunteer Support emergency number: 07508 032997 

Page last updated: 5/20/2015

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