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Equality and Diversity Policy

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Girlguiding’s policies and related statements provide a structure in which guiding can take place safely, consistently and in accordance with legislation. Policies must be followed by Girlguiding’s members and by recognised volunteers involved in delivering or supporting guiding. These policy statements are supported by further information and resources to ensure that our members put the policies into practice.


Policy statement

A Senior Section girl at InnovateGirlguiding believes in being fair, open and inclusive. Members and supporters are welcomed irrespective of faith, race, culture, nationality or sexual orientation.

Adult membership of Girlguiding is voluntary and is open to application from women and men aged 18 years and over, regardless of faith, race, culture, nationality or sexual orientation, provided they complete Girlguiding’s recruitment process if appropriate to the role.

Girlguiding recognises that special support may need to be given to certain groups in its membership (for example, members with disabilities) in order to enable them to participate more widely and on a more equal basis. It takes all reasonable steps to meet the needs of members and ensure that they can take part in guiding as fully as possible.

As part of its programme of recruitment and outreach, Girlguiding strives to reflect the diversity of the female population in the United Kingdom and provides resources and support to Leaders to enable them to welcome all girls and young women regardless of faith, race, culture, nationality, sexual orientation or any other circumstance. 



Girlguiding does not subscribe to any particular faith or religion and believes that every member should be encouraged to explore their beliefs and to take an active part in the religion or faith of her family and community where appropriate.

Leaders and Commissioners should take account of the special requirements of the faiths of unit members – such as dress, diet or holiday days – when planning unit programmes and other events.

Attendance at any act of worship must always be voluntary and be seen as part of the spiritual development of the individual member. Attendance at church parade or any religious gathering is not part of the guiding programme.

No young member under 16 may attend a service of a faith or denomination other than her own, as a guiding event, without the consent of an adult with parental responsibility for her.

Page last updated: 9/9/2013