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Pioneering involves lashing together lengths of wood with rope, string or rubber bands, to make shelters, structures or gadgets. Pioneering can also be on a larger scale, where pioneering poles are used to build structures like bridges. This traditional guiding activity encourages teamwork, imagination and problem solving. This activity can be carried out almost anywhere.


Who can participate?

Open to all.


Ratio of adults to girls

Normal ratios for activities away from the meeting place are required. Guiding Manual ratios



  • If leaving the meeting place for pioneering activities, The Leader must ensure that all participants under the age of 18 have written permission to take part from an adult with parental responsibility.
  • The local Commissioner must be informed that the activity is taking place.
  • Carry out a risk assessment for the aspects of the activity for which you are responsible.

Instructor qualifications

Not applicable.

The leader of the activity must have a competent understanding of pioneering techniques and must fully check structures such as bridges and camp gadgets before they are used by participants.


Useful information

For younger girls, rubber bands and short garden canes can be used for this activity.


Girlguiding Activity Centres

Try this activity at: 

Blackland Farm (Sussex), Broneirion (Powys), Foxlease (Hampshire), Hautbois (Norfolk), Lorne (Belfast), Netherurd (Peeblesshire) or Waddow (Lancashire).


Useful websites



Page last updated: 6/16/2015